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Members receive access to various files & training videos based on their membership level.

Excel Training

We are confident that even seasoned Excel users will find something new in every video.

QuickBooks Training

These videos will help you get better information from your QuickBooks so that you can make informed financial decisions. We start with the basics and move into common topics that will help you get the most out of QuickBooks and your financial reports.

Finance Training

This page shows the various videos on FUNctional Finance For Everyday People where we will expose you to understanding and using financial reports to improve your practice. The examples are PT Specific and key metrics will be suggested.

We will start with the basics and progress into more advanced topics.

Windows 10 Training

This page provides information on how to use Windows 10 to make the computer your friend and ally in getting things done.

We’ll start with an overview and progress into common tips and tricks that make it easier to navigate, move files, find what you need and get things done.


We offer two webinars in the fall of the year to help your prepare for the coming year:

  • 3 Simple Steps to Develop Your PT Budget
  • 5 Key Steps For An Effective Business Plan
In addition we occasionally offer additional webinars on hot business topics for PT Practices. 

Silver & Gold members get access to all of the above pre-recorded training videos along with one FREE webinar each year and a 10% discount on attending additional webinars.

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